Friday, August 10, 2012

Embracing your SHAPE

"The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."
– Frank Lloyd
Believe that form & function ARE one; belief in the way we choose to LIVE in a space SHAPES the space itself.
*** time to be what you want to be.... Finding your shape is a gradual process that will be prosperous and fulfilling as long as you stay true to what you KNOW & FEEL is truly important!
Embrace your core beliefs because conforming to others by sometimes suppressing your inner voice can lead to unhappiness.... Trust me been there.
Happiness is rewarded to you by finding the shape your life will take based on what your intuitive source tells you your soul needs! Happy Friday all--- food for thought for the weekend ;-)
Ps-- all comments and thoughts I would consider lucky to receive!

- Colette Di. BlogPress

Monday, July 16, 2012

Everything Changes....

Question ????
Do ____ fall short because I am a victim of
1- fear of failure ???
2- fear of success???
"All growth is a leap in the dark, a spontaneous unpremeditated act without the benefit of experience."
– Henry Miller
Starting the week off with the know how in your heart & soul is all I and YOU require to make BIG things happen. The faith and certainty that we ARE DESTINED for ONLY good will put us out of harms way. For me... this is the realization after a weekend of having very little control over the circumstance.
Most often it is in the unfamiliarity that we find the unspoken truth we need to push forward. Welcoming change without always having all the answers of the present or even the future may be just what is needed.... Faith in oneself and good things is what you need the language of your heart and song of your soul to sing. Confidence with humility.
Ask yourself a question and make it happen!

Would love to hear other's stories.... Not only are they inspiring but WOW....let them be a MOTIVATION! ;-)

- Colette Di. BlogPress

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Curiosity may have killed the Cat, but...."

"The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing."
– Albert Einstein
Inquisition is good when it comes to how to improve oneself but when it comes to faith let there be no question!
Our questions are and will be answered as they are needed.

"Just ROLL with it" is my motto of 2012.
So did curiosity kill??? Nope!
A few questions along the way are healthy so follow your intuition and ask and search for the answers you NEED find. Just remember that "often times the answers are often right in our own backyard....So be open to the subtleties & signs because the recognition= possibilities that are endless! " cd

Happy Thursday :))

- Colette Di. BlogPress

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Inner fulfillment- Phase 2

"Inner fulfillment we seek does exist and can be attained. In truth, all the knowledge, creativity love, joy, and peace we are looking for are right within us, the very essence of our beings."
We have the answers we need within ourselves. Follow your intuition ALWAYS!
Remember you can be your worst enemy or your bestest friend! The choice is yours... Just be aware to it. Regardless always be thankful!
Detox diet is now over and I have much clarity. Ready to start Phase 2!
Message me all who are interested In the self realization that the power of your health & spirit lies in your choices. Hope this helps :) ttys

- Colette Di. BlogPress

Friday, June 22, 2012

Day 5 Detox diet and feeling so in Balance and Full of life! Amazing how the "franken food" & high fructose corn syrup can "F*cK you up" sorry excuse my French lol

"Ever close your eyes;
ever stop and listen...
ever feel alive...
and you've nothing missing!
You don't need a reason
let the day go on and on.

Let the rain fall down
everywhere around you
give into it now
let the day surround you
you don't need a reason

What a day
what a day to take to
what a way
what a way
to make it through
what a day
what a day to make you

Only take the time
from the helter skelter
every day you find
everything's in kilter
you don't need a reason
let the day go on and on"

In conclusion:
Day 5 Detox diet.
1-I'm a BELIEVER!!!
Feeling so in Balance and Full of life!
2- Its no easy task at first but "when the prize is clear, the price is easy!" DC
Who better to take care of...than yourself! Your worth it! Believe me if I can do it anyone can!!! For those of you who don't know me personally I was a sugar candy addict lol
3- SoulaDi song of the day:
Enya "Wild Child" :))
"What a day
what a day to take to
what a way
to make it through
what a day to make you!"
4- ALL those interested please feel free to comment or message me. There are products you need & guidelines you NEED to follow to make this safe :)
Have a great weekend and stay hydrated!!!!!
TIP: 1/2 your weight is about how much water in ounces you need to stay hydrated ;-)

- Colette Di. BlogPress

Location:LA fitness s/p workout

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harmony- attracting the cooperative power can only come when I release the need to control anyone's life, including my own.

This week has been about finding an inner balance. It can only be achieved through detoxification of the noise that somehow you know...just doesn't for long.
To know harmony is to know the changeless; to know the changeless is to have insight. Things in harmony will remain. Things that are forced grow for a while, but then wither away. This is not harmony.
Whatever is against harmony ceases to be.

- Colette Di. BlogPress

Monday, June 18, 2012

Ready to share in my next Adventure. Live & Let Live. Purposes & Lessons learned... A Dream was born.

After the many requests from my facebook friends & family, I personally decided to share some of the exciting great things thay are developing. As many of you may know my Sister & I started a new company. SoulaDi. The beginnings were born in 2010, but only now do I feel that the vision is becoming a reality.
Welcome all!!! On to the next chapter.